About Aurelie Philippe 

Born in 1983 in Valence, France.

2001 High School Diploma in Literature option Plastic Art and Art History


2002 preparatory class for entrance to Applied Arts School 

Diderot Applied Art School in Lyon, France. 


2004 Two years High Technician Degree in Textile Art and impression.

Diderot Applied Art School. In French, BTS Art Textile et Impression. 

Option Computer Graphics, embroidery and photography.

2004 graduated from Diderot Applied Arts School of Lyon, France. Knowledgeable in computer graphics, embroidery, textile industry, knitting, weaving, textile art history, painting, drawing, photography.



2009, Solo Exhibition in the Kilternan Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.  

Collages and acrylics, about stylized flowers and imaginary landscapes.


2010, Solo Exhibition in the Solart Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

2014, Solo Exhibition, Samples of Forgotten Memory 

eng: http://www.mask9.com/node/145752 

cn: http://www.mask9.com/node/145749

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